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Introduction: where Marketing meets IT

In this article, we explore five of our core services. Marketing Engineers operate where marketing meets IT, and our expertise lies in delivering custom solutions that address the unique challenges of each client. From advanced analytics setups to complex system integrations, we offer a range of bespoke services designed to elevate your marketing effort beyond conventional boundaries. So let’s dive right into the five core services we offer:

Technical SEO Audits

Search engines like Google, crawl your website to understand what your business is about as well as how good of a service it provides to users that visit your site. Technical SEO involves optimizing site speed, fixing broken links, improving mobile-friendliness, and more to ensure search engines can easily crawl and index your site. This is crucial because the easier it is for search engines to understand your site, the higher your chances are of ranking well and getting more visitors.

Marketing Engineers love optimizing your site’s technical performance! Our Technical SEO audit focuses on performance, navigation, accessibility, and indexation. We use proprietary software and decades of experience to pinpoint what needs attention. After the audit, you’ll have a prioritized list of improvements, from high-impact items to low-hanging fruit, all aimed at boosting your site’s SEO.

In recent years there’s been a huge push to adapt the web to meet privacy and regulatory changes. Online enforcement of audience and measurement solutions is really kicking off in 2024 and, at the bare minimum, you need to have a compliant cookie consent banner. Google is increasing its pressure to ensure companies comply. Without a compliant cookie consent banner and a correct consent mode setup you might be blocked from Advertising products for example, and in serious cases your company could be fined by enforcement agencies.

We’ve implemented dozens of compliant cookie banner solutions, including both standardized Cookiebot implementations (we are a Cookiebot partner! as well as custom consent banners. We configure, test and validate every implementation to ensure compliance with Google’s most recent Consent Mode (V2).

The data privacy landscape is evolving fast, with stricter regulations being implemented practically everywhere. This shift is driven by a growing awareness of the importance of protecting personal information (PII) and the need for greater transparency in data handling practices.

We understand the importance of staying ahead of these regulatory changes, which is one of the reasons why Marketing Engineers exists and has become a specialist in providing compliant data privacy solutions for marketeers.

Why compliance is important

One of the best understood reasons to be compliant may be that you could be fined for non-compliance, and whilst that may be true, chances of that happening are slim. However, there’s a global shift that makes users and consumers more privacy-oriented / security-conscious, which means that non-compliance has a serious chance of damaging your brand reputation. In addition, Google has changed their policies and non-compliance will in many cases result in the inability to launch Advertising campaigns, and even impact search engine visibility.

Our Expertise

We offer a range of services to help your business achieve complete data privacy compliance, including

  • Cookie Consent Banners: We develop and implement compliant cookie consent banners, including both standardized solutions like Cookiebot (we are a Cookiebot partner!) and custom-designed banners tailored to your specific needs.

  • Consent Mode Configuration: We meticulously configure and validate your Consent Mode (V2) set up, ensuring adherence to Google’s latest requirements and best practices.

  • Data Privacy Audits: We conduct thorough data privacy audits to identify any potential vulnerabilities and recommend steps to strengthen your data protection protocols.

Tracking and UTM Tagging

Most companies rely on Google Analytics, or other client-side tracking tools, for tracking user behavior. However, client-side tracking is becoming increasingly unreliable due to browser restrictions, ad blockers and more. This is why many organizations reach out to us to explore alternative tracking solutions. In addition, measurement isn’t a one-size-fits all, most organizations require custom tags (as the name suggests these go beyond the standard tags offered) to meet their needs.

Let’s elaborate

  • The type of tracking that a company uses will determine the volume and accuracy of data collected. For example client-side tracking will have more data discrepancies than using server-side tracking. Server-side tracking minimizes data loss from browser restrictions and ad blockers, resulting in more reliable and secure data collection.

  • When it comes to custom tagging this is about what the organization wants to measure. Most organizations require something specific that is not predefined and available out of the box.

Server-Side Solutions

Custom tagging often involves server-side tracking containers, which offer several advantages over traditional client-side tracking.

While server-side tracking is gaining traction, we also have extensive experience setting up traditional analytics platforms such as Google Analytics 4, Piwik PRO, PostHog (we are a PostHog Partner!), Clarity, Hotjar, and various ad platforms.

Setting up tracking early is important

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to optimize your existing analytics setup, we can adapt solutions that meet your specific needs. Remember, establishing your analytics infrastructure early allows you to gather valuable data over time, informing future decision-making.

Measurement plans

We specialize in implementing analytics and tagging solutions. We can help you establish your analytics infrastructure for both marketing and analytical purposes, collecting valuable data to make use of its full potential. The first step to doing this is always to create a measurement plan, which serves as a strategy for the tracking implementation and configuration. The measurement plan will include a list of all of the data points, and from there we can make pragmatic decisions about how to implement them (for example via custom tagging solutions).


There’s so much data nowadays that there’s tons of reasons to have a dashboard. Most of our clients use this quick visual display to keep track of KPI’s, to discover opportunities and issues early on and to guide decision-making (for example to see drop-off in the sales funnel, measure impact of new campaigns etc). There’s a good reason for most to have a dashboard. That said, Dashboards need to be designed with purpose in order to be useful!

Once your data collection is ready for it, we can move forward with building a comprehensive dashboard. To do so we will:

  • Define Your Needs: We’ll work closely with you to understand your specific goals (awareness, engagement, lead generation, it matters!)

  • Leverage Our Expertise: We’ll share our insights and best practices to ensure you get the most value.

  • Build the Dashboard: We’ll craft a dashboard that provides you with real-time insights so you can make good decisions based on the latest information.

Your Choice of Tools

We are skillful at building dashboards using various tools, including Looker Studio (Pro), Tableau, and Power BI. We understand that different clients have different preferences, and we are committed to using the best platform to meet your unique requirements.

Want to read up more about what we do? Check out our toolkit, to see the platforms we love working with.

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